The key objectives of Rusatom Overseas, Joint-Stock Company (RAOS JSC) are to continuously build up the overseas order portfolio on behalf of the companies of the ROSATOM Group and to maintain Russia’s leading position in the global nuclear market.


ROSATOM is the only company in the world to provide its international customers with a unique integrated offer that includes not only the construction of different capacity Russian-designed nuclear power plants (NPPs) and Centers of Nuclear Science and Technologies (CNST), but also the development of nuclear infrastructure, local workforce training and professional development, localization of production in the customer countries, guaranteed fuel supplies for the entire life cycle of NPP and CNST, maintenance and service, SNF reprocessing and management, and comprehensive solutions for an NPP and an CNST decommissioning.

RAOS JSC has established a system to enable direct interaction between customer countries and ROSATOM companies, which not only enhances the integrated offer, but also develops new expertise for companies involved in the Russian nuclear industry.

The company employs highly motivated professionals with vast managerial experience and a high level of qualification in the implementation of international nuclear projects.



RAOS JSC promotes the integrated solution to the Russian-design nuclear power plant construction projects in line with the development of international business performed by Rosatom Group.

Alexey Likhachev Alexey
Chief Executive Officer, ROSATOM read more
Kirill Komarov Kirill
First Deputy CEO for Corporate Development and International Business, ROSATOM read more
Evgeny Pakermanov Evgeny
President of RAOS JSC read more

Our Values

In 2014 ROSATOM formulated common corporate values. There are six of them: “One step ahead”, “Responsibility for the Result”, “Efficiency”, “One Team”, “Respect” and “Safety”


We always find the best solutions to problems. We are efficient in all we do. When achieving our objectives, we make efficient use of the company’s resources and are continuously improving our working processes. There are no obstacles that can hinder finding the most efficient solutions.

One Step Ahead

We strive to lead in the global market. We are always one step ahead in technology, knowledge and the professional strength of our employees. We foresee tomorrow’s challenges and are ready to meet them. We continuously advance and learn. Every day we try to work better than yesterday.


Safety is our highest priority. In our activities we ensure the absolute safety of people and the environment as a matter of top priority. There are no trifles in safety. We know safety rules and follow them with a zero-tolerance policy for violations.

Responsibility for the Result

Each of us is personally responsible for his/her work result to the State, Sector, colleagues and customers. In our work, we set for ourselves the most stringent requirements. What matters is the result, not the means. A successful result is the basis for new achievements.


We always treat our customers, partners and suppliers with respect. We apply communication practices that provide everyone an opportunity to speak out and be heard, regardless of position and place of work. We respect the history and traditions of the nuclear industry. Past achievements inspire us to new victories.

One Team

We all are Rosatom. We have common goals. Working in a team of like-minded fellows allows us to achieve unique results. Together we are stronger and can achieve the most ambitious goals. The successes of our employees are the successes of the company.

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