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The Big Future of Small Power

The future of nuclear energy is closely intertwined with small modular reactors. Rosatom’s experience in developing low-power reactors goes back more than 65 years. Russia’s small reactor technologies underlie a great number of designs, including the world’s first nuclear power plant, nuclear icebreaker fleet, and the only floating power plant in the world. Today, Rosatom can readily offer to its customers on-land and off-shore (floating) small nuclear power plants (SMR NPP) based on the cutting-edge, RITM-series reactors.

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Advantages of SMR NPPs

Small nuclear power plants are an optimal solution for a sustainable and reliable power supply to consumers in remote areas away from central grids. They can also replace old diesel and coal power plants that release high amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. SMR NPPs have a number of advantages in addition to the traditional benefits of nuclear generation.

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Born in the Arctic

Rosatom’s SMR NPP projects are based on the state-of-the-art RITM series reactors, whose design incorporated many years of experience in operating small reactors in the icebreaker fleet. Six RITM-200 reactors have already been manufactured and installed on the latest multipurpose icebreakers. On 21 October 2020, the Arctic, the head icebreaker with RITM-200 reactors, was transferred to the customer and officially joined the Russian nuclear fleet.

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Sustainable Development and Environment

Nuclear energy, including small power generation technologies, plays a pivotal role in achieving the UN sustainable development goals. SMR NPPs provide a modern solution to supply energy and heat to consumers in a reliable, safe and sustainable manner.

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Current projects

Rosatom became the first company in the world to deliver an SMR NPP project: in May 2020, the world’s only floating NPP Akademik Lomonosov was put into industrial operation. Rosatom has been engaged in implementing an on-land SMR NPP project in Russia since 2019.

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