Nuclear Infrastructure

While the full responsibility for creation and development of the nuclear infrastructure rests with the customer country, Rosatom State Corporation is ready to assist the customer country in the process of creation and improvement of the customer country’s national nuclear power program governance and regulation based on the experience of cooperation with foreign customers and in accordance with the IAEA recommendations.

Russia’s support for the customer country’s national nuclear infrastructure development starts even before the selection of the nuclear technology supplier. National nuclear infrastructure development can begin immediately after the country’s government makes a decision to consider the feasibility of including the peaceful use of atomic energy into the national energy strategy.

By beginning the development of nuclear infrastructure at the early stages of implementing the national nuclear program, the country minimizes potential economic, social, political, nuclear, technical, administrative, financial and other types of risks that may arise during the implementation of the national nuclear power industry development program.

Rosatom State Corporation assists not only in the development of the basic nuclear infrastructure following the IAEA recommendations for NPP/research reactor construction, but also helps to convert it into a platform for independent non-power nuclear businesses. For this purpose, we offer our clients to create unique centers of excellence that can not only guarantee safe nuclear power industry development in the country, but also become independent centers for scientific competence development, which would generate profit for the national economy.

In terms of arrangement, the assistance Rosatom proposes is based on a standard nuclear infrastructure development project for a newcomer country adjusted to the specific country’s conditions and compatible with other national nuclear power industry development program projects.

In this way, Rosatom is prepared to render qualified assistance to the customer in establishing and supporting all of the required nuclear infrastructure components as well as in maintaining them throughout the whole life cycle of the national nuclear power industry development program.


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