Access to the full range of products and services from a single supplier throughout the entire life cycle of a Nuclear Power Plant

Rosatom’s Integrated Offer with its wide range of products and services offers customized solutions that perfectly fit the customer’s local environment

A wide range of products and services within Integrated Offer allow to provide a customized project solution best fitted to the local environment

What is Rosatom’s Integrated Offer?

Nuclear infrastructure

Preparing the customer country to host a nuclear facility in accordance with the world’s best practices, as well as IAEA requirements

Public acceptance

Raising public awareness of the benefits that nuclear energy provides and disseminating positive information about its effects among the population

Human resources

Training the professionals qualified to manage a national nuclear programme and to operate nuclear facilities safely and efficiently

Industrial solution

Enabling local suppliers to contribute to the national nuclear programme and giving a boost to the local economy

Energy solution

Design, construction and commissioning of large-scale NPPs and Small Modul Reactors, both technologies designed to be a reliable source of power

Fuel supply

Uninterrupted fuel supply throughout the NPP operation cycle to ensure continuous power flow in the national grid

and maintenance

Managing safe operation and cost-effective power generation at NPPs

Back end.

Providing eco-friendly solutions for SNF/RW treatment and decommissioning nuclear facilities

Nuclear Infrastructure

While the full responsibility for creation and development of the nuclear infrastructure rests with the customer country, Rosatom State Corporation is ready to assist the customer country in the process of creation and improvement of the customer country’s national nuclear power program governance and regulation based on the experience of cooperation with foreign customers and in accordance with the IAEA recommendations.

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Public Acceptance

Shaping public opinion is of special importance for countries with little experience in NPP and research reactor operation. Rosatom State Corporation has developed a special PR solution for such customers.

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Rosatom Information centers in Russia and abroad
of visitors changed their attitude to nuclear energy after visiting Rosatom centers

Human Resources Development

Only highly qualified personnel can ensure safe and efficient operation of commercial and research reactors. Therefore, we place particular emphasis on training local labor. Our services are not simply limited to the NPP personnel training. We nurture qualified professionals required for the whole nuclear sector to function, from technical and servicing staff to the managers of national regulators and government bodies.

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Industrial Solution

Rosatom State Corporation guarantees the highest possible involvement of the customer country’s industrial and construction companies in the project implementation. For the countries with little experience in nuclear construction, local companies can be involved in civil construction and installation activities and the supply of supply non-safety-related equipment and materials.

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Energy Solution

Rosatom State Corporation has its assets throughout the nuclear industry production chain. We convert and enrich uranium products, fabricate fuel, design and construct NPPs, operate in the field of nuclear engineering as well as thermal and electrical power generation. This allows Rosatom to offer a comprehensive power solution to its customers.

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Fuel Supply

We commit ourselves to providing the whole range of solutions for NPP fuel cycle management, from fuel fabrication to SNF and RW treatment.

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Operation & Maintenance

Rosatom State Corporation is not only one of the world’s largest suppliers of NPP equipment, it is also the Russian market leader in terms of generated electric power. A total of 38 power units of various reactor plant designs with an aggregate installed capacity of 28.4 GW are now commercial operation.

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power units operating in Russia
GW of installed capacity
NPPs in Russia

Back End

Rosatom State Corporation provides its foreign customers with spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RW) treatment solutions and addresses complex technical challenges while ensuring radiation safety and environmental security.

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