Head of ROSATOM Alexei Likhachev announced 2018 the Year of Nuclear Science
9 February 2018 | The Press Service of Science & Innovations

On the 6th of February 2018, speaking at the function at the Presidium of Scientific and Technical Board of ROSATOM dedicated to the Russian Science Day, Director General of ROSATOM Alexei Likhachev announced 2018 the Year of Nuclear Science.

Likhachev reminded that the nuclear sector had appeared in the world owing to fundamental scientific discoveries and today’s achievements of Russian nuclear scientists in many respects were based on scientific findings of the father-founders of the sector. “The sectoral science all the way has proved the theorem of the sector existence,” he said, noting that the contemporary challenges required solving many new topical tasks on which the future development of nuclear industry is dependent and ROSATOM’s competitiveness on the world market is maintained.

According to Likhachev, ROSATOM’s management pays the high priority attention to the development of the sectoral science that is confirmed by the staff and organizational decisions made last year and setting the high-priority tasks which include building up the sectoral plan in scientific areas, creation of the scientific eco-environs, provisions for sustainable financing of scientific activities, raising prestige of scientific work, and many others.
“One more important task we are facing is the broadening scientific contacts, including our ‘blood brother’ NRC Kurchatov Institute as well as with the Russian Academy of Sciences. In April 2018, we plan to hold a large scientific conference of the sector where we will summarize certain results and possibly make decisions on development in promising areas,” Alexei Likhachev said.

“Using this opportunity, I would like to announce 2018 the Year of Nuclear Science,” the head of sector said.

In turn, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Sergeev noted in his address that today “RAS and ROSATOM work on friendly terms and in concert”. “In our interaction, ROSATOM is the support of RAS and, perhaps, today RAS needs ROSATOM more than ROSATOM needs RAS,” he said.

The meeting was attended by leading Russian scientists, heads of ROSATOM, Russian Academy of Sciences, directors of nuclear research centers, and NRC Kurchatov Institute. At the function, welcoming speeches and presentations were made by Head of Proryv Project Evgeniy Adamov; Director of NRC Kurchatov Institute Denis Minkin; Director of SRC RF TRINITY (part of ROSATOM’s Science Division) Vladimir Cherkovets; Director of Institute for Laser Physical Research, Academician of RAS Sergey Garanin; Deputy General Director of NMRC for Radiology Sergey Ivanov and others.

At the event, industry employees received state and sectoral awards.


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