Interactive app “CNST Configurator”

Build your own Center of Nuclear Science and Technology in any country of the world!

Languages: English and Spanish

To use the app:

1.       Download it using the link below.

2.       Use any file manager on your computer to locate and launch the rosatom_СNST file.

3.       Make sure your screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 to prevent possible visual distortions.

4.       Click “Play!” to launch the app.

5.       To log out of the app click on the Rosatom logo.

NB: For the app to operate correctly, please use a CPU i7 computer on the x64 Windows 7 or Windows 10 platform, min RAM of 8 Gb, graphic card GTX77, and a 128 Gb SSD hard drive.

Download the app for Windows download app


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